Description: Online Energizer

Goal: Motivation

Purpose: Energizer

Time: Break

Category: Method

Type: synchronous

Social form: Individual work

Duration: < 5 minutes

Social Bonding: no

Go’s: Exercise to coordinate both halves of the brain: Move your arms in accordance to letters

No Go’s: no

Watch out: The degree of difficulty can also be increased: Read the alphabet backwards, reading columns from top to bottom

How to use: Start at the letter “A”, in brackets there is for example an “L”, this means that the left arm has to be lifted. At the next letter “B” there is a “R” in brackets, this means that the right arm has to be raised. At “C” there is a “B” in brackets, so both arms have to be raised. The PowerPoint slide might be displayed as follows: A (L) – B (R) – C (B) – D (R) – E (R) – F (B) – G (L) …

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