How to set up WiFi on Campus

WiFi access


You can use WiFi on your notebook, your smartphone or tablet throughout the entire WU campus. To use this service, you have to log in with your login data.

First, please set a WiFi password in the WU Controlpanel application.

Go to > “My Account” > “Password Change”

Please note the requirements of the WiFi password posted on the Controlpanel page.

The following steps are sufficient to establish a WiFi connection at WU:

  1. Choose the network eduroam
  2. Enter your login data  e.g. ( and WiFi password
  3. Accept the provided safety certificates

How to set up a WiFi connection on your device

For desktop operation systems running MS Windows do the following steps:

Step 1: Choose “eduroam” network

Step 2: Fill in your student e-mail address in the following way, and your WiFi-Password 

Step 3: Click “OK” and connect to the network – you are now succesfully connected!

 For desktop operation systems running MAC OS do the following steps:

Step 1: Search for “eduroam” network.

Step 2: Type in your student e-mail adress in the following format: and your Wi-Fi-Password. Click on “Join”

Step 1: Search for “eduroam” network.

Step 2: Type in the data provided below:

Field name* Required entry
Network-SSID eduroam
Security 802.1x EAP
Phase 2 Authentication MSCHAPV2
Password Your Wi-Fi password
Anonymous Identity leave empty
CA Certificate Use system certificates
(if not available: Don’t validate)

*Field names on your device may differ depending on the distribution of Android.

Not all the fields mentioned may be displayed on your device. In this case, edit only those fields that are available to you.

Step 1: Search for “eduroam” network.

Step 2: Type in the data provided below:

Field name Required entry
Network eduroam
Password Your Wi-Fi password
Certificate Common Name: radius[n]
Organisation: Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien
Organisational Unit: IT-Services