Moodle – Upload a video assignment

Upload a video assignment


On your course page, click the name of the video assignment. The assignment page opens and displays the submission status. From the assignment page, click on add submission.


You will be redirected to another page. Please enter your WU account username (e.g. h11250486) and your WU account password and select login.
Note: You may need to allow pop-ups on this page to continue.


On the following page, you can upload your video by clicking on the select files for submission button. You can also record your video directly in the browser by clicking on the web recorder button. First you have to download and install the web recorder plugin (works only with Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge).
Note: Make sure to update your browser to the newest version.


The web recorder plugin allows you to capture the contents of your desktop or record videos directly from your webcam or other attached video/audio devices from within Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Here you can start and stop the recording. Use the settings icon to change the video or audio source.